Memory-assisted Statistically-ranked RF Beam Training Algorithm for Sparse MIMO

Krishan K. Tiwari, Eckhard Grass, John S. Thompson, Rolf Kraemer

This paper presents a novel radio frequency (RF) beam training algorithm for sparse multiple input multiple output (MIMO) channels using unitary RF beamforming codebooks at transmitter (Tx) and receiver (Rx). The algorithm leverages statistical knowledge from past beam data for expedited beam search with statistically-minimal training overheads. Beams are tested in the order of their ranks based on their probabilities for providing a communication link. For low beam entropy scenarios, statistically-ranked beam search performs excellent in reducing the average number of beam tests per Tx-Rx beam pair identification for a communication link. For high beam entropy cases, a hybrid algorithm involving both memory-assisted statistically-ranked (MarS) beam search and multi-level (ML) beam search is also proposed. Savings in training overheads increase with decrease in beam entropy and increase in MIMO channel dimensions.

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