SemEval-2019 Task 8: Fact Checking in Community Question Answering Forums

Tsvetomila Mihaylova, Georgi Karadjov, Pepa Atanasova, Ramy Baly, Mitra Mohtarami, Preslav Nakov

We present SemEval-2019 Task 8 on Fact Checking in Community Question Answering Forums, which features two subtasks. Subtask A is about deciding whether a question asks for factual information vs. an opinion/advice vs. just socializing. Subtask B asks to predict whether an answer to a factual question is true, false or not a proper answer. We received 17 official submissions for subtask A and 11 official submissions for Subtask B. For subtask A, all systems improved over the majority class baseline. For Subtask B, all systems were below a majority class baseline, but several systems were very close to it. The leaderboard and the data from the competition can be found at

Knowledge Graph



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