Discriminative Few-Shot Learning Based on Directional Statistics

Junyoung Park, Subin Yi, Yongseok Choi, Dong-Yeon Cho, Jiwon Kim

Metric-based few-shot learning methods try to overcome the difficulty due to the lack of training examples by learning embedding to make comparison easy. We propose a novel algorithm to generate class representatives for few-shot classification tasks. As a probabilistic model for learned features of inputs, we consider a mixture of von Mises-Fisher distributions which is known to be more expressive than Gaussian in a high dimensional space. Then, from a discriminative classifier perspective, we get a better class representative considering inter-class correlation which has not been addressed by conventional few-shot learning algorithms. We apply our method to \emph{mini}ImageNet and \emph{tiered}ImageNet datasets, and show that the proposed approach outperforms other comparable methods in few-shot classification tasks.

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