An Effective Algorithm for Learning Single Occurrence Regular Expressions with Interleaving

Yeting Li, Haiming Chen, Xiaolan Zhang, Lingqi Zhang

The advantages offered by the presence of a schema are numerous. However, many XML documents in practice are not accompanied by a (valid) schema, making schema inference an attractive research problem. The fundamental task in XML schema learning is inferring restricted subclasses of regular expressions. Most previous work either lacks support for interleaving or only has limited support for interleaving. In this paper, we first propose a new subclass Single Occurrence Regular Expressions with Interleaving (SOIRE), which has unrestricted support for interleaving. Then, based on single occurrence automaton and maximum independent set, we propose an algorithm iSOIRE to infer SOIREs. Finally, we further conduct a series of experiments on real datasets to evaluate the effectiveness of our work, comparing with both ongoing learning algorithms in academia and industrial tools in real-world. The results reveal the practicability of SOIRE and the effectiveness of iSOIRE, showing the high preciseness and conciseness of our work.

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