Can Graph Neural Networks Help Logic Reasoning?

Yuyu Zhang, Xinshi Chen, Yuan Yang, Arun Ramamurthy, Bo Li, Yuan Qi, Le Song

Effectively combining logic reasoning and probabilistic inference has been a long-standing goal of machine learning: the former has the ability to generalize with small training data, while the latter provides a principled framework for dealing with noisy data. However, existing methods for combining the best of both worlds are typically computationally intensive. In this paper, we focus on Markov Logic Networks and explore the use of graph neural networks (GNNs) for representing probabilistic logic inference. It is revealed from our analysis that the representation power of GNN alone is not enough for such a task. We instead propose a more expressive variant, called ExpressGNN, which can perform effective probabilistic logic inference while being able to scale to a large number of entities. We demonstrate by several benchmark datasets that ExpressGNN has the potential to advance probabilistic logic reasoning to the next stage.

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