Lightweight Real-time Makeup Try-on in Mobile Browsers with Tiny CNN Models for Facial Tracking

TianXing Li, Zhi Yu, Edmund Phung, Brendan Duke, Irina Kezele, Parham Aarabi

Recent works on convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for facial alignment have demonstrated unprecedented accuracy on a variety of large, publicly available datasets. However, the developed models are often both cumbersome and computationally expensive, and are not adapted to applications on resource restricted devices. In this work, we look into developing and training compact facial alignment models that feature fast inference speed and small deployment size, making them suitable for applications on the aforementioned category of devices. Our main contribution lies in designing such small models while maintaining high accuracy of facial alignment. The models we propose make use of light CNN architectures adapted to the facial alignment problem for accurate two-stage prediction of facial landmark coordinates from low-resolution output heatmaps. We further combine the developed facial tracker with a rendering method, and build a real-time makeup try-on demo that runs client-side in smartphone Web browsers. More results and demo are in our project page:

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