The Open Vault Challenge -- Learning how to build calibration-free interactive systems by cracking the code of a vault

Jonathan Grizou

This demo takes the form of a challenge to the IJCAI community. A physical vault, secured by a 4-digit code, will be placed in the demo area. The author will publicly open the vault by entering the code on a touch-based interface, and as many times as requested. The challenge to the IJCAI participants will be to crack the code, open the vault, and collect its content. The interface is based on previous work on calibration-free interactive systems that enables a user to start instructing a machine without the machine knowing how to interpret the user's actions beforehand. The intent and the behavior of the human are simultaneously learned by the machine. An online demo and videos are available for readers to participate in the challenge. An additional interface using vocal commands will be revealed on the demo day, demonstrating the scalability of our approach to continuous input signals.

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