Quasi-automatic semigroups

Benjamin Blanchette, Christian Choffrut, Christophe Reutenauer

A quasi-automatic semigroup is defined by a finite set of generators, a rational (regular) set of representatives, such that if a is a generator or neutral, then the graph of right multiplication by a on the set of representatives is a rational relation. This class of semigroups contains previously considered semigroups and groups (Sakarovitch, Epstein et al., Campbell et al.). Membership of a semigroup to this class does not depend on the choice of the generators. These semigroups are rationally presented. Representatives may be computed in exponential time. Their word problem is decidable in exponential time. They enjoy a property similar to the so-called Lipschitz property, or fellow traveler property. If graded, they are automatic. In the case of groups, they are finitely presented with an exponential isoperimetric inequality and they are characterized by the weak Lipschitz property.

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