Conditional Neural Style Transfer with Peer-Regularized Feature Transform

Jan Svoboda, Asha Anoosheh, Christian Osendorfer, Jonathan Masci

This paper introduces a neural style transfer model to conditionally generate a stylized image using only a set of examples describing the desired style. The proposed solution produces high-quality images even in the zero-shot setting and allows for greater freedom in changing the content geometry. This is thanks to the introduction of a novel Peer-Regularization Layer that recomposes style in latent space by means of a custom graph convolutional layer aiming at separating style and content. Contrary to the vast majority of existing solutions our model does not require any pre-trained network for computing perceptual losses and can be trained fully end-to-end with a new set of cyclic losses that operate directly in latent space. An extensive ablation study confirms the usefulness of the proposed losses and of the Peer-Regularization Layer, with qualitative results that are competitive with respect to the current state-of-the-art even in the challenging zero-shot setting. This opens the door to more abstract and artistic neural image generation scenarios and easier deployment of the model in. production

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