POBA-GA: Perturbation Optimized Black-Box Adversarial Attacks via Genetic Algorithm

Jinyin Chen, Mengmeng Su, Shijing Shen, Hui Xiong, Haibin Zheng

Most deep learning models are easily vulnerable to adversarial attacks. Various adversarial attacks are designed to evaluate the robustness of models and develop defense model. Currently, adversarial attacks are brought up to attack their own target model with their own evaluation metrics. And most of the black-box adversarial attack algorithms cannot achieve the expected success rate compared with white-box attacks. In this paper, comprehensive evaluation metrics are brought up for different adversarial attack methods. A novel perturbation optimized black-box adversarial attack based on genetic algorithm (POBA-GA) is proposed for achieving white-box comparable attack performances. Approximate optimal adversarial examples are evolved through evolutionary operations including initialization, selection, crossover and mutation. Fitness function is specifically designed to evaluate the example individual in both aspects of attack ability and perturbation control. Population diversity strategy is brought up in evolutionary process to promise the approximate optimal perturbations obtained. Comprehensive experiments are carried out to testify POBA-GA's performances. Both simulation and application results prove that our method is better than current state-of-art black-box attack methods in aspects of attack capability and perturbation control.

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