Evolving Losses for Unlabeled Video Representation Learning

AJ Piergiovanni, Anelia Angelova, Michael S. Ryoo

We present a new method to learn video representations from unlabeled data. Given large-scale unlabeled video data, the objective is to benefit from such data by learning a generic and transferable representation space that can be directly used for a new task such as zero/few-shot learning. We formulate our unsupervised representation learning as a multi-modal, multi-task learning problem, where the representations are also shared across different modalities via distillation. Further, we also introduce the concept of finding a better loss function to train such multi-task multi-modal representation space using an evolutionary algorithm; our method automatically searches over different combinations of loss functions capturing multiple (self-supervised) tasks and modalities. Our formulation allows for the distillation of audio, optical flow and temporal information into a single, RGB-based convolutional neural network. We also compare the effects of using additional unlabeled video data and evaluate our representation learning on standard public video datasets.

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