Invoice Financing of Supply Chains with Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence

Sandra Johnson, Peter Robinson, Kishore Atreya, Claudio Lisco

Supply chains lend themselves to blockchain technology, but certain challenges remain, especially around invoice financing. For example, the further a supplier is removed from the final consumer product, the more difficult it is to get their invoices financed. Moreover, for competitive reasons, retailers and manufacturers do not want to disclose their supply chains. However, upstream suppliers need to prove that they are part of a `stable' supply chain to get their invoices financed, which presents the upstream suppliers with huge, and often unsurmountable, obstacles to get the necessary finance to fulfil the next order, or to expand their business. Using a fictitious supply chain use case, which is based on a real world use case, we demonstrate how these challenges have the potential to be solved by combining more advanced and specialised blockchain technologies with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence. We describe how atomic crosschain functionality can be utilised across private blockchains to retrieve the information required for an invoice financier to make informed decisions under uncertainty, and consider the effect this decision has on the overall stability of the supply chain.

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