Secrets of the Brain: An Introduction to the Brain Anatomical Structure and Biological Function

Jiawei Zhang

In this paper, we will provide an introduction to the brain structure and function. Brain is an astonishing living organ inside our heads, weighing about 1.5kg, consisting of billions of tiny cells. The brain enables us to sense the world around us (to touch, to smell, to see and to hear, etc.), to think and to respond to the world as well. The main obstacles that prevent us from creating a machine which can behavior like real-world creatures are due to our limited knowledge about the brain in both its structure and its function. In this paper, we will focus introducing the brain anatomical structure and biological function, as well as its surrounding sensory systems. Many of the materials used in this paper are from wikipedia and several other neuroscience introductory articles, which will be properly cited in this article. This is the first of the three tutorial articles about the brain (the other two are [26] and [27]). In the follow-up two articles, we will further introduce the low-level composition basis structures (e.g., neuron, synapse and action potential) and the high-level cognitive functions (e.g., consciousness, attention, learning and memory) of the brain, respectively.

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