Identifying Data And Information Streams In Cyberspace: A Multi-Dimensional Perspective

Ruth Ikwu

Cyberspace has gradually replaced the physical reality, its role evolving from a simple enabler of daily live processes to a necessity for modern existence. As a result of this convergence of physical and virtual realities, for all processes being critically dependent on networked communications, information representative of our physical, logical and social thoughts is constantly being generated in cyberspace. The interconnection and integration of links between our physical and virtual realities creates a new hyperspace as a source of data and information. Additionally, significant studies in cyber analysis have predominantly revolved around a single linear analysis of information from a single source of evidence (The Network). These studies are limited in their ability to understand the dynamics of relationships across the multiple dimensions of cyberspace. This paper introduces a multi-dimensional perspective for data identification in cyberspace. It provides critical discussions for identifying entangled relationships amongst entities across cyberspace.

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