Generation of Multimodal Justification Using Visual Word Constraint Model for Explainable Computer-Aided Diagnosis

Hyebin Lee, Seong Tae Kim, Yong Man Ro

The ambiguity of the decision-making process has been pointed out as the main obstacle to applying the deep learning-based method in a practical way in spite of its outstanding performance. Interpretability could guarantee the confidence of deep learning system, therefore it is particularly important in the medical field. In this study, a novel deep network is proposed to explain the diagnostic decision with visual pointing map and diagnostic sentence justifying result simultaneously. For the purpose of increasing the accuracy of sentence generation, a visual word constraint model is devised in training justification generator. To verify the proposed method, comparative experiments were conducted on the problem of the diagnosis of breast masses. Experimental results demonstrated that the proposed deep network could explain diagnosis more accurately with various textual justifications.

Knowledge Graph



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