Formalization of the Axiom of Choice and its Equivalent Theorems

Tianyu Sun, Wensheng Yu

In this paper, we describe the formalization of the axiom of choice and several of its famous equivalent theorems in Morse-Kelley set theory. These theorems include Tukey's lemma, the Hausdorff maximal principle, the maximal principle, Zermelo's postulate, Zorn's lemma and the well-ordering theorem. We prove the above theorems by the axiom of choice in turn, and finally prove the axiom of choice by Zermelo's postulate and the well-ordering theorem, thus completing the cyclic proof of equivalence between them. The proofs are checked formally using the Coq proof assistant in which Morse-Kelley set theory is formalized. The whole process of formal proof demonstrates that the Coq-based machine proving of mathematics theorem is highly reliable and rigorous. The formal work of this paper is enough for most applications, especially in set theory, topology and algebra.

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