2nd Place and 2nd Place Solution to Kaggle Landmark Recognition andRetrieval Competition 2019

Kaibing Chen, Cheng Cui, Yuning Du, Xianglong Meng, Hui Ren

We present a retrieval based system for landmark retrieval and recognition challenge.There are five parts in retrieval competition system, including feature extraction and matching to get candidates queue; database augmentation and query extension searching; reranking from recognition results and local feature matching. In recognition challenge including: landmark and non-landmark recognition, multiple recognition results voting and reranking using combination of recognition and retrieval results. All of models trained and predicted by PaddlePaddle framework. Using our method, we achieved 2nd place in the Google Landmark Recognition 2019 and 2nd place in the Google Landmark Retrieval 2019 on kaggle. The source code is available at here.

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