FAMED-Net: A Fast and Accurate Multi-scale End-to-end Dehazing Network

Jing Zhang, Dacheng Tao

Single image dehazing is a critical image pre-processing step for subsequent high-level computer vision tasks. However, it remains challenging due to its ill-posed nature. Existing dehazing models tend to suffer from model overcomplexity and computational inefficiency or have limited representation capacity. To tackle these challenges, here we propose a fast and accurate multi-scale end-to-end dehazing network called FAMED-Net, which comprises encoders at three scales and a fusion module to efficiently and directly learn the haze-free image. Each encoder consists of cascaded and densely connected point-wise convolutional layers and pooling layers. Since no larger convolutional kernels are used and features are reused layer-by-layer, FAMED-Net is lightweight and computationally efficient. Thorough empirical studies on public synthetic datasets (including RESIDE) and real-world hazy images demonstrate the superiority of FAMED-Net over other representative state-of-the-art models with respect to model complexity, computational efficiency, restoration accuracy, and cross-set generalization. The code will be made publicly available.

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