ROOT I/O compression algorithms and their performance impact within Run 3

Oksana Shadura, Brian Paul Bockelman

The LHCs Run3 will push the envelope on data-intensive workflows and, since at the lowest level this data is managed using the ROOT software framework, preparations for managing this data are starting already. At the beginning of LHC Run 1, all ROOT data was compressed with the ZLIB algorithm; since then, ROOT has added support for additional algorithms such as LZMA and LZ4, each with unique strengths. This work must continue as industry introduces new techniques - ROOT can benefit saving disk space or reducing the I/O and bandwidth for online and offline needs of experiments by introducing better compression algorithms. In addition to alternate algorithms, we have been exploring alternate techniques to improve parallelism and apply pre-conditioners to the serialized data. We have performed a survey of the performance of the new compression techniques. Our survey includes various use cases of data compression of ROOT files provided by different LHC experiments. We also provide insight into solutions applied to resolve bottlenecks in compression algorithms, resulting in improved ROOT performance.

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