Improving Reproducible Deep Learning Workflows with DeepDIVA

Michele Alberti, Vinaychandran Pondenkandath, Lars Vögtlin, Marcel Würsch, Rolf Ingold, Marcus Liwicki

The field of deep learning is experiencing a trend towards producing reproducible research. Nevertheless, it is still often a frustrating experience to reproduce scientific results. This is especially true in the machine learning community, where it is considered acceptable to have black boxes in your experiments. We present DeepDIVA, a framework designed to facilitate easy experimentation and their reproduction. This framework allows researchers to share their experiments with others, while providing functionality that allows for easy experimentation, such as: boilerplate code, experiment management, hyper-parameter optimization, verification of data integrity and visualization of data and results. Additionally, the code of DeepDIVA is well-documented and supported by several tutorials that allow a new user to quickly familiarize themselves with the framework.

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