Innovating HR Using an Expert System for Recruiting IT Specialists -- ESRIT

Ciprian-Octavian Truică, Adriana Barnoschi

One of the most rapidly evolving and dynamic business sector is the IT domain, where there is a problem finding experienced, skilled and qualified employees. Specialists are essential for developing and implementing new ideas into products. Human resources (HR) department plays a major role in the recruitment of qualified employees by assessing their skills, using different HR metrics, and selecting the best candidates for a specific job. Most recruiters are not qualified to evaluate IT specialists. In order to decrease the gap between the HR department and IT specialists, we designed, implemented and tested an Expert System for Recruiting IT specialist - ESRIT. The expert system uses text mining, natural language processing, and classification algorithms to extract relevant information from resumes by using a knowledge base that stores the relevant key skills and phrases. The recruiter is looking for the same abilities and certificates, trying to place the best applicant into a specific position. The article presents a developing picture of the top major IT skills that will be required in 2014 and it argues for the choice of the IT abilities domain.

Knowledge Graph



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