Programming Technologies for the Development of Web-Based Platform for Digital Psychological Tools

Evgeny Nikulchev, Dmitry Ilin, Pavel Kolyasnikov, Ilya Zakharov, Sergey Malykh

The choice of the tools and programming technologies for information systems creation is relevant. For every projected system, it is necessary to define a number of criteria for development environment, used libraries and technologies. The paper describes the choice of technological solutions using the example of the developed web-based platform of the Russian Academy of Education. This platform is used to provide information support for the activities of psychologists in their research (including population and longitudinal researches). There are following system features: large scale and significant amount of developing time that needs implementation and ensuring the guaranteed computing reliability of a wide range of digital tools used in psychological research; ensuring functioning in different environments when conducting mass research in schools that have different characteristics of computing resources and communication channels; possibility of services scaling; security and privacy of data; use of technologies and programming tools that would ensure the compatibility and conversion of data with other tools of psychological research processing. Some criteria were introduced for the developed system. These criteria take into account the feature of the functioning and life cycle of the software. A specific example shows the selection of appropriate technological solutions.

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