Opportunistic Beamforming in Wireless Network-on-Chip

S. Abadal, A. Marruedo, A. Franques, H. Taghvaee, A. Cabellos-Aparicio, J. Zhou, J. Torrellas, E. Alarcón

Wireless Network-on-Chip (WNoC) has emerged as a promising alternative to conventional interconnect fabrics at the chip scale. Since WNoCs may imply the close integration of antennas, one of the salient challenges in this scenario is the management of coupling and interferences. This paper, instead of combating coupling, aims to take advantage of close integration to create arrays within a WNoC. The proposed solution is opportunistic as it attempts to exploit the existing infrastructure to build a simple reconfigurable beamforming scheme. Full-wave simulations show that, despite the effects of lossy silicon and nearby antennas, within-package arrays achieve moderate gains and beamwidths below 90\textsuperscript{o}, a figure which is already relevant in the multiprocessor context.

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