A Joint Graph Based Coding Scheme for the Unsourced Random Access Gaussian Channel

Asit Pradhan, Vamsi Amalladinne, Avinash Vem, Krishna R. Narayanan, Jean-Francois Chamberland

This article introduces a novel communication paradigm for the unsourced, uncoordinated Gaussian multiple access problem. The major components of the envisioned framework are as follows. The encoded bits of every message are partitioned into two groups. The first portion is transmitted using a compressive sensing scheme, whereas the second set of bits is conveyed using a multi-user coding scheme. The compressive sensing portion is key in sidestepping some of the challenges posed by the unsourced aspect of the problem. The information afforded by the compressive sensing is employed to create a sparse random multi-access graph conducive to joint decoding. This construction leverages the lessons learned from traditional IDMA into creating low-complexity schemes for the unsourced setting and its inherent randomness. Under joint message-passing decoding, the proposed scheme offers superior performance compared to existing low-complexity alternatives. Findings are supported by numerical simulations.

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