2D Attentional Irregular Scene Text Recognizer

Pengyuan Lyu, Zhicheng Yang, Xinhang Leng, Xiaojun Wu, Ruiyu Li, Xiaoyong Shen

Irregular scene text, which has complex layout in 2D space, is challenging to most previous scene text recognizers. Recently, some irregular scene text recognizers either rectify the irregular text to regular text image with approximate 1D layout or transform the 2D image feature map to 1D feature sequence. Though these methods have achieved good performance, the robustness and accuracy are still limited due to the loss of spatial information in the process of 2D to 1D transformation. Different from all of previous, we in this paper propose a framework which transforms the irregular text with 2D layout to character sequence directly via 2D attentional scheme. We utilize a relation attention module to capture the dependencies of feature maps and a parallel attention module to decode all characters in parallel, which make our method more effective and efficient. Extensive experiments on several public benchmarks as well as our collected multi-line text dataset show that our approach is effective to recognize regular and irregular scene text and outperforms previous methods both in accuracy and speed.

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