InfoGAN-CR: Disentangling Generative Adversarial Networks with Contrastive Regularizers

Zinan Lin, Kiran Koshy Thekumparampil, Giulia Fanti, Sewoong Oh

Training disentangled representations with generative adversarial networks (GANs) remains challenging, with leading implementations failing to achieve comparable performance to Variational Autoencoder (VAE)-based methods. After $\beta$-VAE and FactorVAE discovered that regularizing the total correlation of the latent vectors promotes disentanglement, numerous VAE-based methods emerged. Such a discovery has yet to be made for GANs, and reported disentanglement scores of GAN-based methods are significantly inferior to VAE-based methods on benchmark datasets. To this end, we propose a novel regularizer that achieves higher disentanglement scores than state-of-the-art VAE- and GAN-based approaches. The proposed contrastive regularizer is inspired by a natural notion of disentanglement: latent traversal. Latent traversal refers to generating images by varying one latent code while fixing the rest. We turn this intuition into a regularizer by adding a discriminator that detects how the latent codes are coupled together, in paired examples. Numerical experiments show that this approach improves upon competing state-of-the-art approaches on benchmark datasets.

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