Direct Image to Point Cloud Descriptors Matching for 6-DOF Camera Localization in Dense 3D Point Cloud

Uzair Nadeem, Mohammad A. A. K. Jalwana, Mohammed Bennamoun, Roberto Togneri, Ferdous Sohel

We propose a novel concept to directly match feature descriptors extracted from RGB images, with feature descriptors extracted from 3D point clouds. We use this concept to localize the position and orientation (pose) of the camera of a query image in dense point clouds. We generate a dataset of matching 2D and 3D descriptors, and use it to train a proposed Descriptor-Matcher algorithm. To localize a query image in a point cloud, we extract 2D keypoints and descriptors from the query image. Then the Descriptor-Matcher is used to find the corresponding pairs 2D and 3D keypoints by matching the 2D descriptors with the pre-extracted 3D descriptors of the point cloud. This information is used in a robust pose estimation algorithm to localize the query image in the 3D point cloud. Experiments demonstrate that directly matching 2D and 3D descriptors is not only a viable idea but also achieves competitive accuracy compared to other state-of-the-art approaches for camera pose localization.

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