Optimal $q$-Ary Error Correcting/All Unidirectional Error Detecting Codes

Yeow Meng Chee, Xiande Zhang

Codes that can correct up to $t$ symmetric errors and detect all unidirectional errors, known as $t$-EC-AUED codes, are studied in this paper. Given positive integers $q$, $a$ and $t$, let $n_q(a,t+1)$ denote the length of the shortest $q$-ary $t$-EC-AUED code of size $a$. We introduce combinatorial constructions for $q$-ary $t$-EC-AUED codes via one-factorizations of complete graphs, and concatenation of MDS codes and codes from resolvable set systems. Consequently, we determine the exact values of $n_q(a,t+1)$ for several new infinite families of $q,a$ and $t$.

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