Grounding Object Detections With Transcriptions

Yasufumi Moriya, Ramon Sanabria, Florian Metze, Gareth J. F. Jones

A vast amount of audio-visual data is available on the Internet thanks to video streaming services, to which users upload their content. However, there are difficulties in exploiting available data for supervised statistical models due to the lack of labels. Unfortunately, generating labels for such amount of data through human annotation can be expensive, time-consuming and prone to annotation errors. In this paper, we propose a method to automatically extract entity-video frame pairs from a collection of instruction videos by using speech transcriptions and videos. We conduct experiments on image recognition and visual grounding tasks on the automatically constructed entity-video frame dataset of How2. The models will be evaluated on new manually annotated portion of How2 dev5 and val set and on the Flickr30k dataset. This work constitutes a first step towards meta-algorithms capable of automatically construct task-specific training sets.

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