A Holistic Survey of Wireless Multipath Video Streaming

Samira Afzal, Vanessa Testoni, Christian Esteve Rothenberg, Prakash Kolan, Imed Bouazizi

Most of today's mobile devices are equipped with multiple network interfaces and one of the main bandwidth-hungry applications that would benefit from multipath communications is wireless video streaming. However, most of current transport protocols do not match the requirements of video streaming applications or are not designed to address relevant issues, such as delay constraints, networks heterogeneity, and head-of-line blocking issues. This article provides a holistic survey of multipath wireless video streaming, shedding light on the different alternatives from an end-to-end layered stack perspective, unveiling trade-offs of each approach and presenting a suitable taxonomy to classify the state-of-the-art. Finally, we discuss open issues and avenues for future work.

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