Correspondence-Free Region Localization for Partial Shape Similarity via Hamiltonian Spectrum Alignment

Arianna Rampini, Irene Tallini, Maks Ovsjanikov, Alex M. Bronstein, Emanuele Rodolà

We consider the problem of localizing relevant subsets of non-rigid geometric shapes given only a partial 3D query as the input. Such problems arise in several challenging tasks in 3D vision and graphics, including partial shape similarity, retrieval, and non-rigid correspondence. We phrase the problem as one of alignment between short sequences of eigenvalues of basic differential operators, which are constructed upon a scalar function defined on the 3D surfaces. Our method therefore seeks for a scalar function that entails this alignment. Differently from existing approaches, we do not require solving for a correspondence between the query and the target, therefore greatly simplifying the optimization process; our core technique is also descriptor-free, as it is driven by the geometry of the two objects as encoded in their operator spectra. We further show that our spectral alignment algorithm provides a remarkably simple alternative to the recent shape-from-spectrum reconstruction approaches. For both applications, we demonstrate improvement over the state-of-the-art either in terms of accuracy or computational cost.

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