Programming Telepathy: Implementing Quantum Non-Locality Games

Anya Tafliovich, Eric C. R. Hehner

Quantum pseudo-telepathy is an intriguing phenomenon which results from the application of quantum information theory to communication complexity. To demonstrate this phenomenon researchers in the field of quantum communication complexity devised a number of quantum non-locality games. The setting of these games is as follows: the players are separated so that no communication between them is possible and are given a certain computational task. When the players have access to a quantum resource called entanglement, they can accomplish the task: something that is impossible in a classical setting. To an observer who is unfamiliar with the laws of quantum mechanics it seems that the players employ some sort of telepathy; that is, they somehow exchange information without sharing a communication channel. This paper provides a formal framework for specifying, implementing, and analysing quantum non-locality games.

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