Instance-based XML data binding for mobile devices

Alain Tamayo, Carlos Granell, Joaquín Huerta

XML and XML Schema are widely used in different domains for the definition of standards that enhance the interoperability between parts exchanging information through the Internet. The size and complexity of some standards, and their associated schemas, have been growing with time as new use case scenarios and data models are added to them. The common approach to deal with the complexity of producing XML processing code based on these schemas is the use of XML data binding generators. Unfortunately, these tools do not always produce code that ?ts the limitations of resource-constrained devices, such as mobile phones, in the presence of large schemas. In this paper we present Instance-based XML data binding, an approach to produce compact application-specific XML processing code for mobile devices. The approach utilises information extracted from a set of XML documents about how the application make use of the schemas.

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