On the design of a family of CI pseudo-random number generators

Jacques M. Bahi, Xiaole Fang, Christophe Guyeux, Qianxue Wang

Chaos and its applications in the field of secure communications have attracted a lot of attention. Chaos-based pseudo-random number generators are critical to guarantee security over open networks as the Internet. We have previously demonstrated that it is possible to define such generators with good statistical properties by using a tool called "chaotic iterations", which depends on an iteration function. An approach to find update functions such that the associated generator presents a random-like and chaotic behavior is proposed in this research work. To do so, we use the vectorial Boolean negation as a prototype and explain how to modify this iteration function without deflating the good properties of the associated generator. Simulation results and basic security analysis are then presented to evaluate the randomness of this new family of generators.

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