Evaluating Quality of Chaotic Pseudo-Random Generators: Application to Information Hiding

Jacques M. Bahi, Xiaole Fang, Christophe Guyeux, Qianxue Wang

Guaranteeing the security of information transmitted through the Internet, against passive or active attacks, is a major concern. The discovery of new pseudo-random number generators with a strong level of security is a field of research in full expansion, due to the fact that numerous cryptosystems and data hiding schemes are directly dependent on the quality of these generators. At the conference Internet`09, we described a generator based on chaotic iterations which behaves chaotically as defined by Devaney. In this paper which is an extension of the work presented at the conference Internet`10, the proposal is to improve the speed, the security, and the evaluation of this generator, to make its use more relevant in the Internet security context. In order to do so, a comparative study between various generators is carried out and statistical results are improved. Finally, an application in the information hiding framework is presented with details, to give an illustrative example of the use of such a generator in the Internet security field.

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