A Multipath TCP model for ns-3 simulator

Bachir Chihani, Collange Denis

We present an implementation of Multipath TCP (MPTCP) under the NS-3 open source network simulator. MPTCP is a promising extension of TCP currently considered by the recent eponymous IETF working group, with the objective of improving the performance of TCP, especially its robustness to variable network conditions. We describe this new protocol, its main functions and our implementation in NS-3. Besides this implementation compliant to the current versions of the IETF drafts, we have also added and compared various packet reordering mechanisms. We indeed notice that such mechanisms highly improve the performance of MPTCP. We believe that our implementation could be useful for future works in MPTCP performance evaluation, especially to compare packet reordering algorithms or coupling congestion control mechanisms between subfows.

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