Reidentification and k-anonymity: a model for disclosure risk in graphs

Klara Stokes, Vicenç Torra

In this article we provide a formal framework for reidentification in general. We define n-confusion as a concept for modelling the anonymity of a database table and we prove that n-confusion is a generalization of k- anonymity. After a short survey on the different available definitions of k- anonymity for graphs we provide a new definition for k-anonymous graph, which we consider to be the correct definition. We provide a description of the k-anonymous graphs, both for the regular and the non-regular case. We also introduce the more flexible concept of (k,l)-anonymous graph. Our definition of (k,l)-anonymous graph is meant to replace a previous definition of (k, l)-anonymous graph, which we here prove to have severe weaknesses. Finally we provide a set of algorithms for k-anonymization of graphs.

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