Coded Single-Tone Signaling and Its Application to Resource Coordination and Interference Management in Femtocell Networks

C. Yang, C. Jiang, J. Wang

Resource coordination and interference management is the key to achieving the benefits of femtocell networks. Over-the-air signaling is one of the most effective means for distributed dynamic resource coordination and interference management. However, the design of this type of signal is challenging. In this paper, we address the challenges and propose an effective solution, referred to as coded single-tone signaling (STS). The proposed coded STS scheme possesses certain highly desirable properties, such as no dedicated resource requirement (no overhead), no near-and-far effect, no inter-signal interference (no multi-user interference), low peak-to-average power ratio (deep coverage). In addition, the proposed coded STS can fully exploit frequency diversity and provides a means for high quality wideband channel estimation. The coded STS design is demonstrated through a concrete numerical example. Performance of the proposed coded STS and its effect on cochannel traffic channels are evaluated through simulations.

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