PC-Cluster based Storage System Architecture for Cloud Storage

Tin Tin Yee, Thinn Thu Naing

Design and architecture of cloud storage system plays a vital role in cloud computing infrastructure in order to improve the storage capacity as well as cost effectiveness. Usually cloud storage system provides users to efficient storage space with elasticity feature. One of the challenges of cloud storage system is difficult to balance the providing huge elastic capacity of storage and investment of expensive cost for it. In order to solve this issue in the cloud storage infrastructure, low cost PC cluster based storage server is configured to be activated for large amount of data to provide cloud users. Moreover, one of the contributions of this system is proposed an analytical model using M/M/1 queuing network model, which is modeled on intended architecture to provide better response time, utilization of storage as well as pending time when the system is running. According to the analytical result on experimental testing, the storage can be utilized more than 90% of storage space. In this paper, two parts have been described such as (i) design and architecture of PC cluster based cloud storage system. On this system, related to cloud applications, services configurations are explained in detailed. (ii) Analytical model has been enhanced to be increased the storage utilization on the target architecture.

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