Automatic Classification of X-rated Videos using Obscene Sound Analysis based on a Repeated Curve-like Spectrum Feature

JaeDeok Lim, ByeongCheol Choi, SeungWan Han, ChoelHoon Lee

This paper addresses the automatic classification of X-rated videos by analyzing its obscene sounds. In this paper, obscene sounds refer to audio signals generated from sexual moans and screams during sexual scenes. By analyzing various sound samples, we determined the distinguishable characteristics of obscene sounds and propose a repeated curve-like spectrum feature that represents the characteristics of such sounds. We constructed 6,269 audio clips to evaluate the proposed feature, and separately constructed 1,200 X-rated and general videos for classification. The proposed feature has an F1-score, precision, and recall rate of 96.6%, 98.2%, and 95.2%, respectively, for the original dataset, and 92.6%, 97.6%, and 88.0% for a noisy dataset of 5dB SNR. And, in classifying videos, the feature has more than a 90% F1-score, 97% precision, and an 84% recall rate. From the measured performance, X-rated videos can be classified with only the audio features and the repeated curve-like spectrum feature is suitable to detect obscene sounds.

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