Fast DOA estimation using wavelet denoising on MIMO fading channel

A. V. Meenakshi, V. Punitham, R. Kayalvizhi, S. Asha

This paper presents a tool for the analysis, and simulation of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation in wireless mobile communication systems over the fading channel. It reviews two methods of Direction of arrival (DOA) estimation algorithm. The standard Multiple Signal Classification (MUSIC) can be obtained from the subspace based methods. In improved MUSIC procedure called Cyclic MUSIC, it can automatically classify the signals as desired and undesired based on the known spectral correlation property and estimate only the desired signal's DOA. In this paper, the DOA estimation algorithm using the de-noising pre-processing based on time-frequency conversion analysis was proposed, and the performances were analyzed. This is focused on the improvement of DOA estimation at a lower SNR and interference environment. This paper provides a fairly complete image of the performance and statistical efficiency of each of above two methods with QPSK signal.

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