Enhancing Data Security by Making Data Disappear in a P2P Systems

Prashant Pilla

This paper describes the problem of securing data by making it disappear after some time limit, making it impossible for it to be recovered by an unauthorized party. This method is in response to the need to keep the data secured and to protect the privacy of archived data on the servers, Cloud and Peer-to-Peer architectures. Due to the distributed nature of these architectures, it is impossible to destroy the data completely. So, we store the data by applying encryption and then manage the key, which is easier to do as the key is small and it can be hidden in the DHT (Distributed hash table). Even if the keys in the DHT and the encrypted data were compromised, the data would still be secure. This paper describes existing solutions, points to their limitations and suggests improvements with a new secure architecture. We evaluated and executed this architecture on the Java platform and proved that it is more secure than other architectures.

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