Performance Evaluation and Impact of Weighting Factors on an Energy and Delay Aware Dynamic Source Routing Protocol

Jihen Drira Rekik, Leila Baccouche, Henda Ben Ghezala

Typical applications of the mobile ad-hoc network, MANET, are in disaster recovery operations which have to respect time constraint needs. Since MANET is affected by limited resources such as power constraints, it is a challenge to respect the deadline of a real-time data. This paper proposes the Energy and Delay aware based on Dynamic Source Routing protocol, ED-DSR. ED-DSR efficiently utilizes the network resources such as the intermediate mobile nodes energy and load. It ensures both timeliness and energy efficiency by avoiding low-power and overloaded intermediate mobile nodes. Through simulations, we compare our proposed routing protocol with the basic routing protocol Dynamic Source Routing, DSR. Weighting factors are introduced to improve the route selection. Simulation results, using the NS-2 simulator, show that the proposed protocol prolongs the network lifetime (up to 66%), increases the volume of packets delivered while meeting the data flows real-time constraints and shortens the endto- end delay.

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