Employees Adoption of E-Procurement System: An Empirical Study

Inder Singh, Devendra Kumar Punia

Today, organizations are investing a lot in their IT infrastructure and reengineering their business processes by digitizing firms. If organizational employees will not optimum utilize its IT infrastructure, the productivity gain reduced enormously. In Uttarakhand e-procurement system implemented by public sector under e-governance integrated mission mode projects. So, there is need to find the determinants which influence employee's adoption and uses of e-procurement systems. This research study assesses the organizational and individual determinants that influence the use of e-procurement system in Uttarakhand public sector. This study provides managers with the valuable information to take intervention programs to achieve greater acceptance and usage of e-procurement system. Data collected for this study by the means of a survey conducted in Uttarakhand state in 2011. A total 1200 questionnaire forms were distributed personally and online to employees using e-procurement system in Uttarakhand.

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