A Temporal Approach to Stochastic Network Calculus

Jing Xie, Yuming Jiang, Min Xie

Stochastic network calculus is a newly developed theory for stochastic service guarantee analysis of computer networks. In the current stochastic network calculus literature, its fundamental models are based on the cumulative amount of traffic or cumulative amount of service. However, there are network scenarios where direct application of such models is difficult. This paper presents a temporal approach to stochastic network calculus. The key idea is to develop models and derive results from the time perspective. Particularly, we define traffic models and service models based on the cumulative packet inter-arrival time and the cumulative packet service time, respectively. Relations among these models as well as with the existing models in the literature are established. In addition, we prove the basic properties of the proposed models, such as delay bound and backlog bound, output characterization, concatenation property and superposition property. These results form a temporal stochastic network calculus and compliment the existing results.

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