Jointly Predicting Links and Inferring Attributes using a Social-Attribute Network (SAN)

Neil Zhenqiang Gong, Ameet Talwalkar, Lester Mackey, Ling Huang, Eui Chul Richard Shin, Emil Stefanov, Elaine, Shi, Dawn Song

The effects of social influence and homophily suggest that both network structure and node attribute information should inform the tasks of link prediction and node attribute inference. Recently, Yin et al. proposed Social-Attribute Network (SAN), an attribute-augmented social network, to integrate network structure and node attributes to perform both link prediction and attribute inference. They focused on generalizing the random walk with restart algorithm to the SAN framework and showed improved performance. In this paper, we extend the SAN framework with several leading supervised and unsupervised link prediction algorithms and demonstrate performance improvement for each algorithm on both link prediction and attribute inference. Moreover, we make the novel observation that attribute inference can help inform link prediction, i.e., link prediction accuracy is further improved by first inferring missing attributes. We comprehensively evaluate these algorithms and compare them with other existing algorithms using a novel, large-scale Google+ dataset, which we make publicly available.

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