Independence of Tabulation-Based Hash Classes

Toryn Qwyllyn Klassen, Philipp Woelfel

A tabulation-based hash function maps a key into d derived characters indexing random values in tables that are then combined with bitwise xor operations to give the hash. Thorup and Zhang (2004) presented d-wise independent tabulation-based hash classes that use linear maps over finite fields to map a key, considered as a vector (a,b), to derived characters. We show that a variant where the derived characters are a+b*i for i=0,..., q-1 (using integer arithmetic) yielding (2d-1)-wise independence. Our analysis is based on an algebraic property that characterizes k-wise independence of tabulation-based hashing schemes, and combines this characterization with a geometric argument. We also prove a non-trivial lower bound on the number of derived characters necessary for k-wise independence with our and related hash classes.

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