Resource control and strong normalisation

Silvia Ghilezan, Jelena Ivetic, Pierre Lescanne, Silvia Likavec

We introduce the \emph{resource control cube}, a system consisting of eight intuitionistic lambda calculi with either implicit or explicit control of resources and with either natural deduction or sequent calculus. The four calculi of the cube that correspond to natural deduction have been proposed by Kesner and Renaud and the four calculi that correspond to sequent lambda calculi are introduced in this paper. The presentation is parameterized with the set of resources (weakening or contraction), which enables a uniform treatment of the eight calculi of the cube. The simply typed resource control cube, on the one hand, expands the Curry-Howard correspondence to intuitionistic natural deduction and intuitionistic sequent logic with implicit or explicit structural rules and, on the other hand, is related to substructural logics. We propose a general intersection type system for the resource control cube calculi. Our main contribution is a characterisation of strong normalisation of reductions in this cube. First, we prove that typeability implies strong normalisation in the ''natural deduction base" of the cube by adapting the reducibility method. We then prove that typeability implies strong normalisation in the ''sequent base" of the cube by using a combination of well-orders and a suitable embedding in the ''natural deduction base". Finally, we prove that strong normalisation implies typeability in the cube using head subject expansion. All proofs are general and can be made specific to each calculus of the cube by instantiating the set of resources.

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