Multi databases in Health Care Networks

Nadir K. Salih, Tianyi Zang, Mingrui Sun

E-Health is a relatively recent term for healthcare practice supported by electronic processes and communication, dating back to at least 1999. E-Health is greatly impacting on information distribution and availability within the health services, hospitals and to the public. E-health was introduced as the death of telemedicine, because - in the context of a broad availability of medical information systems that can interconnect and communicate - telemedicine will no longer exist as a specific field. The same could also be said for any other traditional field in medical informatics, including information systems and electronic patient records. E-health presents itself as a common name for all such technological fields. In this paper we focuses in multi database by determined some sites and distributed it in Homogenous way. This will be followed by an illustrative example as related works. Finally, the paper concludes with general remarks and a statement of further work.

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