A Hop-by-hop Cross-layer Congestion Control Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

Guowei Wu, Feng Xia, Lin Yao, Yan Zhang, Yanwei Zhu

Congestions in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) could potentially cause packet loss, throughput impairment and energy waste. To address this issue, a hop-by-hop cross-layer congestion control scheme (HCCC) built on contention-based MAC protocol is proposed in this paper. According to MAC-layer channel information including buffer occupancy ratio and congestion degree of local node, HCCC dynamically adjusts channel access priority in MAC layer and data transmission rate of the node to tackle the problem of congestion. Simulations have been conducted to compare HCCC against closely-related existing schemes. The results show that HCCC exhibits considerable superiority in terms of packets loss ratio, throughput and energy efficiency.

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